Company Address: No. 8, shih 4th Rd., Yangmei Township, Taoyuan County 326, Taiwan
Main product: Electronic packing, Gravure Packing Bags, Anti-Static bags, Laminated Films/Bags
Policy: Speciality, Diligently, Manage Continuously Forever We own the only perfect quality, this is also the main reason that our customers believe sincerely.

The Company History :
Starting period from 1989 to 1995
●1989 The company started as the name of “Wumon Printing Co., Ltd.” with a rotogravure printing machine, a dry lamination machine and one slitting machine.
●1994 The company was renamed to “New Poly Gravure Industrial Co., Ltd.” and added a brand new high-speed laminating machine, a new pouch making machine which can handle large pouches and a slitting-machine.
●1995 NO.1 plant was built and operated.
Expansion period from 1996 to 2001
●1996 New addition of a wide slitting-machine.
●1997 New addition of a pouch making machine.
●1998 Setup NO.2 plant and purchased a new seven-color high-speed rotogravure printing machine to improve the quality and production capacity.
●2001 Merged both plants and moved to the Shulin Industrial Zone to expand services.
Growing Period during 2002 and 2005
●2002 A new plant was built in Xiamen of mainland China, (Huazhong Plastic Co., Ltd.) and it is committed to supply both electronic & food packaging materials.
●2003 Purchased a new Japanese pouch making machine and two slitting-machines.
●2003 Established and focused on electronic packaging materials.
●2004 Purchased the factory in Taoyuan Youth Industrial Park and began renovations.
Robust Period during 2005 and present
●2005 New plant was completed and moved to Taoyuan Youth Industrial Park in July 2005. Continuous expansion and focused on electronic packaging materials services.
●2008 Applied and Passed Certification of ISO 9001 quality assurance system.
●2009 Purchased an additional Japanese pouch making machine and passed Certification of ISO 9001 / 2008 version.
●2010 Purchased a new fully automatic high-speed laminating machine.
●2012 Purchased two fully automatic stand zipper pouch making machines.